I love a folio! And the 49 and Market Foundation Pages makes them so easy to create!

Today Maymay walks you through how these folios are assembled in just minutes!!

So gather up those folis, a warm drink and let’s assemble!


Link to the previous assembly video: https://www.youtube.com/live/kOZHBNPkwNo?feature=share



Front cover top section: 3″ x 6″

Front bottom section: 6″ x 7  7/8″

Tabs: 2  1/2″ x 2  3/8″  score on the 2  1/2″ side at 1  1/4″  you will need 5 tabs

Flip/flaps mats: we suggest that you measure the ones in your package, we cut ours to:  3  3/4″ 5. 3/4″

Page mats: we suggest that you measure the ones in your package, we cut ours to:  6  1/4″ x 8  1/4″  but some of your pages may need the mats cut to 6″ x  7  7/8″  Please measure each page to get the correct measurements



49 and Market Foundation Pages -A- White https://bit.ly/3QSRGRN

Art Glitter Glue https://bit.ly/3jb9WpP

Fine metal tip https://bit.ly/3rrpRUL

Dress My Craft Bone Folder  https://bit.ly/3zL89yl

American Crafts Cardstock https://bit.ly/3VV5DzP


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