Today Maymay takes the One Roll Wonder Wreath and gives it an update.  She has the best recipe to cook up a stunning wreath using only 1 roll of the mesh!!!!

So gather up those ingredients and let’s cook up a One Roll Wonder!


The original One Roll Wonder Wreath video

Petite One Roll Wonder Wreath Recipe


Work Creations Burlap Form 24″ ( 12″ inner ring/8″ outer ring with 18 twists)

Black/white Poly Burlap Check Mesh 10″ (w) x 10 yd (l)

Amazing Grace Ribbon 2.5″ (w) x 10 yd (l)

Magnolia Ribbon 2.5″ (w) x 10 yd (l)

Amazing Grace sign 10″ square

Natural Snowdrift Deco Flex Tubing 8mm x 20 yd

Magnolia Leaf Picks 18″ (l)


Other supplies needed: 

TH Shears



Directions/ Measurements 

Start with a piece of tape the measures 10″ and mark off  the 1″~  6″ ~ and 8″  or use the grid lines on your cutting mat

(18)  poofs of mesh to cover the wreath form

(20-24) pieces of mesh to create the loops

(6) pieces of the 1st ribbon cut to 32″

(6) pieces of the 2nd ribbon cut to 32″

(5) Magnolia leaf picks

Loop/cut the flex mesh tubing as shown in the video



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